Ricky is a established polished artist with a great stage presence. Ricky began singing at an early and has always had a dream and huge ambition to make it in the music industry. One of Ricky’s strengths is his versatility and his ability to appeal to all audiences.

Ricky’s Set list is varied as he is able to perform in lots of different venues for many different occasions. A low key set list is available for restaurant/ lounge type events which is mainly ballads and Swing. For Clubs and Pubs Ricky has a varied mixture of ballads and up tempo numbers from the 40’s to the present day.Ricky also performs as part of an Acoustic Duo called Birchall, there is a video of them performing below.

Ricky is not only a very talented up and coming artist, but also a rare commodity; seldom in this industry do you come across someone with such drive, ambition and determination as well as humility which for me makes him one of the most likable lads I have ever met. As well as working together in the recording and vocal tuition studios we have also performed together at various events where he continues to wow his audiences and impress me with his vocal delivery and style as well as stage charisma. I look forward to sharing the stage with my friend again soon and will proudly watch his career blossom as he deserves his future success”- Jon Christos – International Opera Star, Platinum Selling recording Artist and BBC Radio and TV Presenter.

Set List

Depeche Mode – I just cant get enough, Patrick Swayze – Shes Like the Wind, Cher / Marc Cohn – Walking In Memphis, Frank Sinatra – Fly Me To the Moon/ Thats Life, Ronan Keating – George Ezra – Budapest, Ed Sheeran – Photograph, REM – Losing My Religion, Sting – Fields Of Gold, Omi – Cheerleader, John Lennon – Imagine

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