A high energy show reproducing the Greatest Hits of Queen and Freddie Mercury, the voice, the mannerisms, the pomp, the chest pumping energy, vigour and charisma of the greatest performer of contemporary rock. Freddie Mercury, the Ultimate Legend. Featuring Feddie’s most sucessful and popular songs, and his iconic and risque costumes, Freddie Mercury: Ultimate Legend’ incorporates song from the early days of Queen, through the late 70s and 80s Rock anthems, through to Freddie’s most beautiful and power ballads. This show is now available solo or with a live band.

Set Lists

Bohemian Rhapsody , One Vison, Radio Gaga , Its a Kinda Magic, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Show Must Go On, Flash, Who wants to Live Forever, These are the days of our lives, We Will Rock You, We are Champions, Don’t Stop Me Now, Another One Bite The Dust, Killer Queen, I Want To Break Free, Under Pressure, Barcelona.


The Ultimate Legends Show is just that. With Brilliant dance moves, great vocals, Paul is a great show man. One of the best around. Brian , Booker Huddersfield

We have never seen a reaction like that here. Not in 10 years. Park Holidays, South Coast

Absolutely phenomenal. His show is a work of art. Ted , Booker , Norfolk

The best performer I have seen in 50 years. Howard Elson (Humperdinks Manager)

An extremely talented man. Bill Pierce

Each of the characters are so well reproduced. And so different. Its difficult to believe its one guy doing all of that

Making a booking is easy just drop us an email or pick up the phone, Anthony and the team are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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