Prince Revelation honours and celebrates the life and legacy of Prince.

Mark Anthony’s resemblance to Prince was first spotted in the mid 1980’s around the same time that Prince started receiving¬† recognition in the UK for his amazing musical talent.

From the day Mark first appeared in both the Mirror and the Sun newspapers promoting a Woolwich Bank Celebrity Get Together, Mark has recieved many enquires to impersonate Prince in public. Promoters have invited Mark in the guise of Prince , to movie premiers such as Naked Gun 2 and a Half, Nightmare On Elm Street, Terminator 2 and the Barelona premire of Batman. Amongst many other Television  and Radio shows. Mark has enjoyed impersonating Prince in public immensley but not as much as bringing his Music to life as a tribute performer.

Mark has toured all around the world perfoming many of Prince’s greates hits , including Kiss , When Doves Cry and the Iconic Purple Rain. Bringing a must see , feel good trip down memory lane for anyone who loves Prince.

Making a booking is easy just drop us an email or pick up the phone, Anthony and the team are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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