Perfect Day -Musical Experience are dedicated to providing Acoustic  Guitar Music, A Full Electric Cabaret Show, plus a unique accomplished Jazz Set for a range of Entertainment Venues, Special occasions and events.
From intimate gatherings to lavish outdoor celebrations, Perfect Day have graced numerous Weddings & Anniversaries with their Acoustic Performances and Travel throughout the UK performing at Entertainment Venues & Corporate Events with their Electric Cabaret Show…”

Perfect Day – Acoustic Experience You will be embraced with a unique Acoustic Style of Music, tailor made for Weddings, Special Events, Restaurants and Corporate Events. Perfect Day have spent considerable time creating a balance of Musical Styles for you to enjoy, Pop Ballads, Jazz Classics and Movie Love Themes are just a few of the Many Musical Gems to make any occasion feel unique and very Special…
Perfect Day – Electric ExperienceA Perfect Day Electric Cabaret Show is like no other, the versatility of the Set is Staggering, From Country to Jazz through to Pop & Rock, every Musical Style is catered for, and performed in that Intimate unique Perfect Day way….At any event Perfect Day Electric Experience will have you ‘foot tapping’ to fully blown dancing the night away…


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