Established in 1998, the show has been recognized as one of the best live re-creations of Abba live in concert and has performed at most of the U.K.’s prestigious theatres & Worldwide concerts.

Having performed many international & national theatre tours , concerts & open air Festivals, they have appeared ‘Live’ numerous times on live television and radio broadcasts.

There are many tributes in circulation but Forever are exceptional in comparison, with the most meticulous attention to detail, this live production aims to reproduce Abba Live in Concert focusing on the live aspect with an exceptional all live cast, the show features the very high standard of musicianship needed to recreate Abba songs, and with all performers singing totally live, audiences are experiencing a true live performance.

Packed full of excitement and vivacity, dazzling costumes and authentic lighting design, they will take you on a journey back to the 1970’s. Wherever the band performs, audiences can watch and hear all of the hits including some hidden surprises for even the most ardent Abba fan.

Making a booking is easy just drop us an email or pick up the phone, Anthony and the team are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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