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The Chain

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Based in the North West of England, WELCOME to THE CHAIN a Top Class Tribute duo dedicated to the fantastic sounds of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks.

“We have all grown up with the sounds of Fleetwood Mac and for many of us, they are the soundtrack to our life”

This is true of THE CHAIN, who after many years working in other musical outfits formed THE CHAIN to reproduce the fantastic sounds, costumes and stage presence of Fleetwood Mac.
Everyone has their own personal “favourite” Fleetwood Mac / Stevie Nicks song and THE CHAIN try their best to cover individual wishes through a wide repertoire of greatest hits.
Fleetwood Mac have covered the decades 60s / 70s /80s/ 90s- till present day, so there are a great many classic hits to choose from. Stevie Nicks, having left Fleetwood Mac has had phenomenal success as a solo artist and still continues to tour and record music to this day.

The Chain can perform a full night of Fleetwood Mac / Stevie Nicks (2 x 45mins) and still have plenty left over for encores and personal requests.Times of show are variable to suit the venue’s evening plan.

In Between the songs is a short (fun) factual intro to each song relevant to the particular member of Fleetwood Mac who recorded the song, this leads to great conversations after the show, with people who want to talk to us about their own personal experiences of Fleetwood Mac. We also give the crowd an opportunity to have their photos taken with us in costume.

Venues – The Chain have performed on a wide variety of stages from small intimate private parties to festival crowds of 10,000+ people. Every gig has its own unique set of challenges, the experience and consistency of THE CHAIN means that we are used to working with all situations to provide a unique and professional Fleetwood Mac show whatever venue.
People often say to us that “when I close my eyes I would swear that i was at a Fleetwood Mac concert” we take that as a great compliment to us and the great sound that we replicate.

Equipment – “Only the best will do” is our ethos, the BOSE PA is top quality for the clear reproduction of vocals and harmonies, through our PA we run our custom made quality tracks and vintage guitars, effects and computer to give a classy ” live” sound. Our custom made backdrops are suitable for small / large stage areas and our lighting system enhances the stage areas beautifully.

Overall THE CHAIN give an unforgettable all-round musical experience, they are family friendly and professional at all times.

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SET LIST or What they do best:

What Others Say about this Act

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